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cultivating imagination [Feb. 16th, 2006|04:40 pm]
everything that can exist does, coterminous to the reality we live in... it's called imagination and is different from our day to day reality in that imagination is a solitary production, while reality is imagination that people relate to one another and agree upon... imagination is the often hypothesized other realm, the astral... reality is just calcified imagination, made real by repitition and agreement between the people who experience it... it's important to not take our assumptions for reality, but rather look at the world from a childs eyes seeing everything like it is new... children blur the border between thinking and doing... between the inner space of imagination and the outer space of objectivity... the child confuses the volitional act of willing with causality... drugs and mysticism are both excellent ways to cultivate the child's eyes... both are mind altering secretive endevours intended to expand your known reality...