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[Mar. 21st, 2006|06:14 pm]
The story begins with Veles' theft of Perun's son, wife or, usualy, cattle. It is also an act of challenge: Veles, in the form of a huge serpent, slithers from the caves of Underworld and coils upwards the Slavic world tree towards Perun's heavenly domain. Perun retaliates and attacks Veles with his lighning bolts. Veles flees, hiding or transforming himself into trees, animals or people. In the end he is killed by Perun, and in this ritual death, whatever Veles stole is released from his battered body in form of rain falling from skies. This Storm myth, as is generally referred to scholars today, explained to ancient Slavs the changing of seasons through the year. The dry periods were interpreted as chaotic results of Veles' thievery. Storms and lightnings were seen as divine battle. The following rain was triumph of Perun over Veles and re-establishment of world order.

The myth was cyclical, repeating itself each year. Death of Veles was never permanent; he would reform himself as a serpent who sheds its old skin and is reborn in a new body.

on a totally separate note, 4x32=128=2^7